About Our Family

Our family consists of our sons, Drew, Dalton and Carter along with my wife (Deidre) and myself (Craig) and battle dog Daisy.

Deidre and I brought Battle House to Green Bay to provide a unique and thrilling form of entertainment in Northeast Wisconsin. Our bottom line objective is for our customers and our employees to have fun, “serious fun,” in a safe and comfortable environment.

Our family’s initial introduction to Tactical Laser Tag was through Deidre’s brother, Doug Huckbody, for a family outing in Milwaukee, WI. It was a completely new and exciting experience for everyone involved. Four years later we are all still talking about the experience and attempting to re-write the history of that day. In 2014, Doug and his wife, Jane, opened the first Battle House in Lake Barrington, IL.  .  One year later, Doug’s son, Darek Huckbody, and his wife, Lindsey,  opened the second Battle House in Wilmington, NC.  Our turn could not come soon enough.  From that day forward we have been planning our chapter in the Battle House family.

Although Deidre and I do not have a military background, we have many family members who do.  We are extremely proud of their service. In addition, we are grateful to those who have and continue to put their country first.  Thank You!  We respect and honor the commitment and dedication of our service men and women and their families, along with those in public service.

Craig and Deidre Knapp
Co – Owners