What To Expect

We serve non-alcoholic beverages and snacks  to our guests.  Parties and groups can bring in their own food and treats for their guests which will have to be approved in advance or it will not be allowed.


Cost of Food and Beverage

*All snacks and individual beverage choices are individually priced and prices vary with selection.


Carry-in Food 

$50 room set-up and cleaning charge (must be paid in advance) (room fee has been added to party packages)

*This option “must” be approved in advance, during booking, or it will not be allowed.



Battle House GB crew

Area Restuarants

Arbys – (920) 330-9145 drmarbys.com (order 24 in advance in-store or online)

Domino’s Pizza – (920) 337-4850

Erbert and Gerbert’s – (920) 964-3727

Gallagher’s Pizza –  (920) 337-6666 (www.gallagherspizza.com)

Jimmy John’s – (920) 964-0001

Pizza Hut – (920) 336-1648

Sgambatis New York Pizza – (920) 983-7492

Toppers – (920) 339-9393